Keith Sheehan

Houston-based freelance writer for hire

2929 Westheimer, Apt 213, Houston, Texas 77098 | ph. 713-522-4843 |


Since early 2014, Keith has been working full-time as a freelance writer with a variety of private clients. Keith specializes in blog posts and articles, but also is available for press releases, copywriting and ghost writing ebooks. Additionally, Keith offers editing and proofreading services. Prior to that, Keith worked as a staff writer for various companies, often without a byline.

Freelance writer - 2014 to present
Responsible for creating blog posts, articles, press releases and website copywriting for a variety of private clients. References available upon request.

Content writer at Demand Studios - 2011 to 2014
Responsbile for writing how-to articles from a pre-approved list of titles each week. Content was syndicated to Demand Studios properties as well as partners such as USAToday and During this time, the topics focused on Travel and Business.


University of Central Florida - BA in Journalism, 2010
Graduatated with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, with a minor in English. GPA of 3.6 upon graduation.


Below you will find some examples of recent work that was completed for private clients.

2929 Westheimer, Apt 213, Houston, Texas 77098 | ph. 713-522-4843 |